Saturday, 24 November 2012


I literally have not blogged for ages! I am literally the shittiest thing ever. Anyway, I have had quite a busy week this week because I HAVE GRADUATED!! I don't know exactly why solent need to leave everything till last minute seeing as it seems that every other university in the country graduated about 6 months ago.
My graduation was on Monday and I went down with my mum and dad, as you all probably know i actually hate writing on here most of the time, so you can get the picture from my pictures..
And then on thursday, I had to go down to southampton again to party one last time for our graduation ball!!!
I literally was having a nightmare finding a dress, and if you know me you will know im last minute for everything I do in life ( but I always get it done)
But finally the day before the Ball i decided on this dress from River Island.
ANYWAYS more pics..
I had the most amazing three years at university and met some great friends that i really hope we will all stay in contact with over the years to come. I don't think I really appreciated being at university when I did, like living in my own house, the laid back life style ( not enjoying these 7am wake ups for work) but now when I look back i realise how lucky I was and how blessed I was to have them three years of growing up and changing. As much as I loved university, im glad i have loads of photos and memories to keep with me but I am really looking forward to a new stage in my life.

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

im addicted to boots..

As the title says, I literally have been in boots every evening this week.. and ended up purchasing something!! So this is a carry on from my little boots haul in my last post..

Now I know everyone has been raving about this L'oreal Elvive extraordinary oil, I really wanted to get some kinda serum/oil for my hair because im getting bonded hair extennies tomorrow ( ysayayayayayydsuidasd) soz haha ! anyway So i had heard the great reviews and it was a third off in boots so i got this gem for £6.66. When i first squired a bit into my hand i was like oh my Jesus fuck it stinks of vodka and then i smelt it again and it is literally such a nice smell.. in fact i just squirted it again and the first smell was of vodka for like a second.. ( or maybe its just me craving some vodka as i haven't drank in ages) anyway, defo recommend it .. go get some now seeing as it is such a reasonable price!!!
 now this isnt from Boots, my mama picked me it up from TKMAXX for just £4.99.. i have never heard of the brand before ( maybe thats why its in TKMAXX) anyways its quite cool, you can press a button and it turns into a rounded brush, so great for when your blow drying it big!
okay, so if you read my blog you will see that i recently just purchased the soap at glory brow pen... i think i gave it a 6/10... i would like to change that and literally make it a -10/10.. it is the worst thing i have ever bought, it was only a tenner so im not that bothered but it is such a disappointing product, the tinted pen does not work for shit... it works great on your hand, but my eyebrows are not on my hand.. anyways i went to benefit today and just thought fuck it need to get brow zings, because i had heard so many great reviews on it from beauty bloggers. I know that Sleek have recently just created a similar compact but my local super drug doesnt supply sleek cosmetics ( annoying) and im so impatient I thought i'd go for benefit. I am interested in what sleeks will be like im comparison because it is less than half the price, so maybe when i  see it i'll pick one up and do a little comparisons post!!!

Anyways this is probs a boring post for you all but thought id update on some new things ( although im always buying new things)

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Boots Mini Haul + Review!!

I literally could spend hours in Boots and end up spending alot of money, love looking at all the new products, especially hair care. Any way's here's a few bits I got the other day from Boots all for under £25 there's only two things that are kind of interesting which I am going to talk about and that is Maybelline's new line FIT foundation and Soap & Glorys Archery brow tint and precision shaping pencil.

Now if you know me, you will know im obsessed with my eyebrows and  I usually just use a pencil, but I have been walking past the soap and glory stand in Boots over and over again and kept looking at this but never bought it until the other day. It costs £10 and I have bought it in the colour "Love Is Blonde". It has two ends, one a crayon ( I have opened the crayon up to its full amount so you can see how much product you get)
 And the other a Pen which is used as a Tint.
" Archery was tested on a bunch on ladies who described themselves as distinctly 'no brow' "
I literally have the blondest eyebrows, they're practically invisible and I just look crazy when I don't have anything on them so when this said it was tested on women who are baso the same as me I had to buy!!
( Sorry for the awful quality pics )
Erm so yes this is before and afters of this product, as you can see there is an obvious difference and it does work and to be honest i found it easier to shape my brows to a more natural look but the tint was really hard to get out, it was like i did my first brow and then when i continued to do the second it was like the pen didn't want to work and it shouldn't have dried up already but i will see how it goes after a few more trys and keep you all updated!!! So far a 6/10 product..

NEXT Maybellines new line of foundation FIT ME 

I really hate doing reviews like.. all the boring stuff like " oh its nice packaging" I don't care about the packaging unless its a luxury item . So here are some before and after pics..

As you can see a vast improvement in my skin, it has completely reduced any redness and spots. I usually change my mind over and over again about foundations, at first ill love them and then a few uses I will hate them but at the moment, because my kind is kinda dry from the drastic weather change I really like this because it feels like a tinted moisturiser but with more coverage but like I said, I change my mind about 5 times before the pot has emptied. 
Anyways i thought id give this foundation a go seeing as its a new product and i like trying stuff out!!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Black On Black.

coo-ee, Just had a little cinema date with my mumma, went to go see Sky Fall, it was literally amazing!! I was not really that excited to go see it as im not a huge Jame Bond fan but oh my god, so good!! Defo something id recommend you all to go see!! Anyways yes this was my cinema date outfit, now looking at the photos I think i need to invest in some kind of Gold belt, to break up the black a little. Anyways, its really plain but I  hope you like..

Skirt - River Island
Top - H&M
Necklace - Newlook
Shoes- Ebay

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Black & Gold..

So, As posted before you have seen my new winter high heeled boots.. I thought YEAHHH!!,  I'll be able to wear them every day .. ha ha very wrong.. one trip to my boyfriends and my feet were cut :( So im going to leave them for car to bar situations. So I was in desperate need of some black FLAT boots, I looked around Topshop, River Island, Zara etc.. and didn't find anything that I liked. 
Now I literally haven't stepped into a Primark in forever, and if im honest im not a big fan at all but I found these and they were literally exactly what I was looking for and for £15 it would have been stupid not to pick them up!! I know they are not going to last forever, I doubt they will even last me the entire winter but they were great for a fast fix to a few outfits!!