Monday, 23 January 2012

Superdrug False Lashes Review

Now I am the kinda girl that if i find a product that I like, I usually stick to it and rarely ever change unless somebody has recommended me something, or that there is a new product by a company that I fancy trying out. I am a huge fan of fake eye lashes, the bigger the better !!
Now with lashes, I have a few faves, Eylure 101 and Ardel 107 now over the last few years these lashes have increased in price in boots much to my annoyance. So last week when I was in superdrug, looking at lashes for my night out I found these from Superdrug and thought, hey ho may as well give them a go.
Superdrug have a varied collection of lashes, some more natural but of course I wanted the biggest, longest and thickest. Double Volume Edition 40, The lashes cost around £4.50, so about £1/1.50 cheaper than Eylure and Ardel lashes . The Lashes came with a glue inside the packaging  
 Now when putting on these lashes I found that they where a little bit too big for my eyes so I cut a tiny piece off each of the lashes sides and even after than they still seemed a little to heavy and sort of made my eyes look smaller than what they are..
As you can tell in this image they sort of made my eyes a little droopy which I don't usually find when I use other makes of false eye lashes, but after I coated with a layer of mascara and curled they seemed to lift my eye up and work just as well and look just as nice as the Eylure lashes I always use.

Overall I will recommend these lashes, their cheaper and look practically the same as some of the Eylure lashes and they stayed on all night, I didn't have to re apply any glue though out the night, I even fell asleep in these bad boys and in the morning I looked as if I was able to start the day again. 

Pros :
Stay's on longer
Feels secure
Can Re-Use

A little uncomfertable when you first put on BUT once you have curled them and played about their perfect
So really... no cons.

Anyone else tried these lashes or thinking of doing it?

Jessica ox


  1. your eyes are beaaaaaut. i loved these eyelashes but then again i usually use cheapo ones from ebay! wooo xo

  2. Them lashes are gorgeous. I want individual ones put in for my holiday but think I'm just gonna buy a couple of pairs of these!x