Monday, 12 December 2011

Get The Little Mix Look.

Little Mix were announced the winners of Xfactor this year (2011) and aswell as their individual talent of singing , I am personally loving the Little Mix style. Now usually I think that the Xfactor Stylist team are crazy with some of the combination of outfits they dress their acts in, but this year they got it 100 percent right with Little Mix. I have created a few outfits that I really personally like myself but also think have the Little Mix Style.  Hope you like...
Leggings - £20 Topshop
Pantha Top - £22 River Island
Blazer - £65 River Island
Boots - £75 River Island
Collar - £22 River Island
Ring - £13 River Island
Lipstick £12 MAC

In Other Xfactor news, I am loving runner up of 2010 Rebecca Fergusons album, Heaven. The album consists of 10 tracks, alot of them are about love, romance and some other really touchy stuff but there a few do have quite an uplifting background music and are rather chirpy . My favourite tracks are : Nothings real but love, Shoulder To Shoulder & Glitter and Gold. 

"And I get a kick when you worry
That you are just no good for me
And I feel weak watching you plead" - Shoulder To Shoulder

This album I can tell is going to be huge over the christmas period, ( a really good gift idea for anyone whos into Amy Winhouse, Adele etc.. ) and im pretty sure that she will be in and out of the charts throughout 2012.

Well Done Rebecca 

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