Saturday, 24 November 2012


I literally have not blogged for ages! I am literally the shittiest thing ever. Anyway, I have had quite a busy week this week because I HAVE GRADUATED!! I don't know exactly why solent need to leave everything till last minute seeing as it seems that every other university in the country graduated about 6 months ago.
My graduation was on Monday and I went down with my mum and dad, as you all probably know i actually hate writing on here most of the time, so you can get the picture from my pictures..
And then on thursday, I had to go down to southampton again to party one last time for our graduation ball!!!
I literally was having a nightmare finding a dress, and if you know me you will know im last minute for everything I do in life ( but I always get it done)
But finally the day before the Ball i decided on this dress from River Island.
ANYWAYS more pics..
I had the most amazing three years at university and met some great friends that i really hope we will all stay in contact with over the years to come. I don't think I really appreciated being at university when I did, like living in my own house, the laid back life style ( not enjoying these 7am wake ups for work) but now when I look back i realise how lucky I was and how blessed I was to have them three years of growing up and changing. As much as I loved university, im glad i have loads of photos and memories to keep with me but I am really looking forward to a new stage in my life.

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

im addicted to boots..

As the title says, I literally have been in boots every evening this week.. and ended up purchasing something!! So this is a carry on from my little boots haul in my last post..

Now I know everyone has been raving about this L'oreal Elvive extraordinary oil, I really wanted to get some kinda serum/oil for my hair because im getting bonded hair extennies tomorrow ( ysayayayayayydsuidasd) soz haha ! anyway So i had heard the great reviews and it was a third off in boots so i got this gem for £6.66. When i first squired a bit into my hand i was like oh my Jesus fuck it stinks of vodka and then i smelt it again and it is literally such a nice smell.. in fact i just squirted it again and the first smell was of vodka for like a second.. ( or maybe its just me craving some vodka as i haven't drank in ages) anyway, defo recommend it .. go get some now seeing as it is such a reasonable price!!!
 now this isnt from Boots, my mama picked me it up from TKMAXX for just £4.99.. i have never heard of the brand before ( maybe thats why its in TKMAXX) anyways its quite cool, you can press a button and it turns into a rounded brush, so great for when your blow drying it big!
okay, so if you read my blog you will see that i recently just purchased the soap at glory brow pen... i think i gave it a 6/10... i would like to change that and literally make it a -10/10.. it is the worst thing i have ever bought, it was only a tenner so im not that bothered but it is such a disappointing product, the tinted pen does not work for shit... it works great on your hand, but my eyebrows are not on my hand.. anyways i went to benefit today and just thought fuck it need to get brow zings, because i had heard so many great reviews on it from beauty bloggers. I know that Sleek have recently just created a similar compact but my local super drug doesnt supply sleek cosmetics ( annoying) and im so impatient I thought i'd go for benefit. I am interested in what sleeks will be like im comparison because it is less than half the price, so maybe when i  see it i'll pick one up and do a little comparisons post!!!

Anyways this is probs a boring post for you all but thought id update on some new things ( although im always buying new things)

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Boots Mini Haul + Review!!

I literally could spend hours in Boots and end up spending alot of money, love looking at all the new products, especially hair care. Any way's here's a few bits I got the other day from Boots all for under £25 there's only two things that are kind of interesting which I am going to talk about and that is Maybelline's new line FIT foundation and Soap & Glorys Archery brow tint and precision shaping pencil.

Now if you know me, you will know im obsessed with my eyebrows and  I usually just use a pencil, but I have been walking past the soap and glory stand in Boots over and over again and kept looking at this but never bought it until the other day. It costs £10 and I have bought it in the colour "Love Is Blonde". It has two ends, one a crayon ( I have opened the crayon up to its full amount so you can see how much product you get)
 And the other a Pen which is used as a Tint.
" Archery was tested on a bunch on ladies who described themselves as distinctly 'no brow' "
I literally have the blondest eyebrows, they're practically invisible and I just look crazy when I don't have anything on them so when this said it was tested on women who are baso the same as me I had to buy!!
( Sorry for the awful quality pics )
Erm so yes this is before and afters of this product, as you can see there is an obvious difference and it does work and to be honest i found it easier to shape my brows to a more natural look but the tint was really hard to get out, it was like i did my first brow and then when i continued to do the second it was like the pen didn't want to work and it shouldn't have dried up already but i will see how it goes after a few more trys and keep you all updated!!! So far a 6/10 product..

NEXT Maybellines new line of foundation FIT ME 

I really hate doing reviews like.. all the boring stuff like " oh its nice packaging" I don't care about the packaging unless its a luxury item . So here are some before and after pics..

As you can see a vast improvement in my skin, it has completely reduced any redness and spots. I usually change my mind over and over again about foundations, at first ill love them and then a few uses I will hate them but at the moment, because my kind is kinda dry from the drastic weather change I really like this because it feels like a tinted moisturiser but with more coverage but like I said, I change my mind about 5 times before the pot has emptied. 
Anyways i thought id give this foundation a go seeing as its a new product and i like trying stuff out!!