Wednesday, 7 November 2012

im addicted to boots..

As the title says, I literally have been in boots every evening this week.. and ended up purchasing something!! So this is a carry on from my little boots haul in my last post..

Now I know everyone has been raving about this L'oreal Elvive extraordinary oil, I really wanted to get some kinda serum/oil for my hair because im getting bonded hair extennies tomorrow ( ysayayayayayydsuidasd) soz haha ! anyway So i had heard the great reviews and it was a third off in boots so i got this gem for £6.66. When i first squired a bit into my hand i was like oh my Jesus fuck it stinks of vodka and then i smelt it again and it is literally such a nice smell.. in fact i just squirted it again and the first smell was of vodka for like a second.. ( or maybe its just me craving some vodka as i haven't drank in ages) anyway, defo recommend it .. go get some now seeing as it is such a reasonable price!!!
 now this isnt from Boots, my mama picked me it up from TKMAXX for just £4.99.. i have never heard of the brand before ( maybe thats why its in TKMAXX) anyways its quite cool, you can press a button and it turns into a rounded brush, so great for when your blow drying it big!
okay, so if you read my blog you will see that i recently just purchased the soap at glory brow pen... i think i gave it a 6/10... i would like to change that and literally make it a -10/10.. it is the worst thing i have ever bought, it was only a tenner so im not that bothered but it is such a disappointing product, the tinted pen does not work for shit... it works great on your hand, but my eyebrows are not on my hand.. anyways i went to benefit today and just thought fuck it need to get brow zings, because i had heard so many great reviews on it from beauty bloggers. I know that Sleek have recently just created a similar compact but my local super drug doesnt supply sleek cosmetics ( annoying) and im so impatient I thought i'd go for benefit. I am interested in what sleeks will be like im comparison because it is less than half the price, so maybe when i  see it i'll pick one up and do a little comparisons post!!!

Anyways this is probs a boring post for you all but thought id update on some new things ( although im always buying new things)


  1. im addicted to boots too , the amount of money i spend in there is ridiculous x

  2. oh no, we all love nosy blogs haha :) i used to work in boots and i swear all my pay went back to them! haha but browzings is amazing, i use it every single day and i've only ever bought 1, two years ago! its worth the money! hope you like it as much as i do haha! :) xx

  3. oh i got the new elvive oil too and i LOVE it gonna post a litle review haul tomorrow :) x

  4. Great buys hun!! :)
    I really want to try the elvive oil!

  5. Ugh, really wishing we had boots in Canada right now.

    1. it is the best shop! i spend hours in there!

  6. I can't chose between the Benefit and Sleek brow kit :-( I love both the brands so much I'm more drawn to the Benefit one although the price for the Sleek brow kit is much more appealing... xxxx

  7. I love the smell of that dry shampoo! Xx

  8. Boots is heaven. I have the Sleek Brow Kit and I cannot live without it! I need to give the benefit brow kit out as soon as my Sleek one has finished. Great post xx