Saturday, 3 November 2012

Boots Mini Haul + Review!!

I literally could spend hours in Boots and end up spending alot of money, love looking at all the new products, especially hair care. Any way's here's a few bits I got the other day from Boots all for under £25 there's only two things that are kind of interesting which I am going to talk about and that is Maybelline's new line FIT foundation and Soap & Glorys Archery brow tint and precision shaping pencil.

Now if you know me, you will know im obsessed with my eyebrows and  I usually just use a pencil, but I have been walking past the soap and glory stand in Boots over and over again and kept looking at this but never bought it until the other day. It costs £10 and I have bought it in the colour "Love Is Blonde". It has two ends, one a crayon ( I have opened the crayon up to its full amount so you can see how much product you get)
 And the other a Pen which is used as a Tint.
" Archery was tested on a bunch on ladies who described themselves as distinctly 'no brow' "
I literally have the blondest eyebrows, they're practically invisible and I just look crazy when I don't have anything on them so when this said it was tested on women who are baso the same as me I had to buy!!
( Sorry for the awful quality pics )
Erm so yes this is before and afters of this product, as you can see there is an obvious difference and it does work and to be honest i found it easier to shape my brows to a more natural look but the tint was really hard to get out, it was like i did my first brow and then when i continued to do the second it was like the pen didn't want to work and it shouldn't have dried up already but i will see how it goes after a few more trys and keep you all updated!!! So far a 6/10 product..

NEXT Maybellines new line of foundation FIT ME 

I really hate doing reviews like.. all the boring stuff like " oh its nice packaging" I don't care about the packaging unless its a luxury item . So here are some before and after pics..

As you can see a vast improvement in my skin, it has completely reduced any redness and spots. I usually change my mind over and over again about foundations, at first ill love them and then a few uses I will hate them but at the moment, because my kind is kinda dry from the drastic weather change I really like this because it feels like a tinted moisturiser but with more coverage but like I said, I change my mind about 5 times before the pot has emptied. 
Anyways i thought id give this foundation a go seeing as its a new product and i like trying stuff out!!


  1. i've been wanting to try the fit me foundation, it looks good on you might give it a go xx

  2. Been looking for a new product for my eye brows, this one looks so good! I used to use browzings by benefit and would recommend it, it's just so costly! Need to see how this one carries on working :) xxx

    1. No!! Dont get it , I hate it already!! the tint is just rubbish on it! Im going to buy my self browzings tomorrow, ive heard loads of good stuff about it!! do not even bother with this rubbish pen!! xx

  3. Great post! i love soap and glory, heard bad things about the pen!!
    Congratulations! I'm your 100th follower:)
    Lauren xx

  4. Shame about the pen - hate it when you have a product you love first time round and then regret buying!
    Feel free to check out my blog, xxx

  5. I could spend so much in boots! I want to try something new for my eyebrows, shame it wasn't that impressive xx

  6. The foundation looks like it works so well on you! xox