Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fashion Sites

So it is my 21st Birthday on Monday the 5th and I have been searching the internet like a crazy woman trying to find the perfect dress for my little birthday get together on saturday at either Anaya or China White.. I havent exactly decided which club I want to go to.. Anyways, I have been searching Asos, Topshop, Boohoo, Riverisland on a daily basis.. I dont even know why.. I have some crazy idea that these shops know its my birthday and they are currently changing their stock to keep up with my needs.. Anyways on my little search I have found some amazing new ( well new to me anyways ) womans fashion websites that I am completely IN LOVE WITH!! I know how annoying it is when your searching through the same old websites looking at the sameish kinda stuff , so I have decided to share the websites I have found with you along with some of the items that I adore!!

First website is : Ella Tino

This was the first website I came across and I adore it, the dresses are on trend and at very reasonable prices.. A few of my favorite peices that I shall be buying as soon as money hits my account..
Black Poka Pussy Bow Blouse £19.99 - Anyone that knows me knows I am a big fan of over size blouses mixed with leggings and heels for a casual glammed up day look and this has already hit my wish list.
Light Beige Ankle Strap Platform - £34.99 - I currenly own a stupid ammount of heels but I think I have got into a habbit of buying just black heels.. I dont know why.. I just always think that they are perfect for every outfit, but I have seen these and fallen in love, especially with the price at £34.99 you really cannot go wrong with a classy beige heel which Im honestly considering to buy for my birthday, depending on what the dress I finally buy looks like.

I have also found these little bad boys in the sale for... £15.00.. Their sale is honestly out of this world, you can buy full on maxi dresses that you could wear to a wedding for £10.. These shoes are their brown chelsea ankle boot and their currently going into my basket!!

Second Website Is : Jonesandjonesfashion 

 The first item that needs to be adressed is this adoreable coat from Jones and Jones Fashion, I mean honestly look how frickin' cute it is. I have always wanted a pink coat but I havent wanted to walk around looking like a marshmellow, but NOW I HAVE FOUND ONE... it is absolutly beautiful and at £90 I think it is a real statement piece at a perfect price.. and I do love myself a bit of a statement item.

Where do i start with this image.. well firstly the amazing bronze candice skirt that the model is currently wearing. It is £45 and I dont think I have ever seen anything like it before, it is so unique which I love. What I love most is that you could just wear that with a basic long sleeved black top, walk into the party and you would already be the centre of attention.

What  I love about Jones and Jones fashion is that it really does have some gorgeous unique pieces that will make you stand out from the crowd. Im a very statement kinda girl, like I do wear alot of basic bits but I always try to have like one statement item that people go ' oh wow where did you get that from' so if your like me then get on this website and get browsing because it is honestly amazing.

Third and final website is : Little Mistress 

Now some of you may already know about Little Mistress because they currently are selling TOWIE stars Lauren Pope collection. Anyways I didnt know about Little Mistress untill a few hours ago and I have really found some lovely pieces on it 
 Right, I'm not a huge fan of blue I'm not going to lie to you BUT  I recently went out in a blue dress and got really complimented in it because of my skin tone and hair colour, although I did feel like Alice in Wonderland in it.. anyways I'm getting off the point, I do really like this top, I am a huge fan of leopard print and I think the collar really adds such a cute little edge to it. I think this would be great matched up with some really skinny black jeans and some heely boots.. The top only costs £24.99 and it looks just lovely.
Tana Tribal Leggings £15.00
Im loving these, their so bright fun and I think they would look great for festivals in 2012, I am currently invisioning just a simple black vest top tucked in and some brown suade boots and messy hair while jumpin' up and down at V. £15.. get in my life. 

anyways these are three websites that I have found and I'm so happy, it gets so boring looking at the same stuff over and over. Hope you have enjoyed this blog and looking at these websites, they really do have some lovely bits and bobs!!

Jessica xo

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Rheas 21st Birthday!

So the weekend just gone was my best mates 21st birthday, She is currently spending her time in Spain as part of her university course so I rarely get to see her.  We ended up squeezing four of us into a three bedroom hotel which over looked Hyde Park, very nice. I ended up at the hotel alot earlier than the rest of the girls so i decided to decorate the bedroom with balloons, banners, sequins and got her a birthday cake.
Sorry for the rubbish quality of the photograph, it is taken off my shitty blackberry. 
Anyways the girls got to the hotel about nine, the drinks started to get poured and the music was on. Was so nice to see two of the girls that I used to go to school  with, I rarely ever see them except for at rheas birthday or Christmas Eve. A relaxed rush to get ready and we were on our way to Bond.
We also set rheas birthday cake on fire, after Jessi decided to buy one of them huge sparkler things for it... this ended up in a very smokey room.
Anyways, here are a few photographs from the night we had..

I'll probs add some more when Rhea has decided to upload her photographs off her camera, so that could take up to 4 months likely .. hahaa! 
My dress is from Top shop...
AND ITS MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND NEXT WEEKEND.. so expect some fun entries!
Hope my fave girl had an amazing weekend, miss you and love you xxx

Thursday, 9 February 2012

River Island

River Island is my favourite high street shop, so while I've been browsing on their website I am loving their s/s 12 collection. Summer is around the corner( eek so excited!! ) .I just  adore summer because I can walk around with my legs and arms out with out getting frost bite. BBQs, Garden Parties, Holidays, Trips to the beach etc. I thought I would share with my followers some of the items I love/want and shall be buying in the near future :)
Beige print jell peep toe sandal £15.00
Play Suit £18.00
Turquoise bow collar top £16.00
Orange scarf print maxi £45
Black stripe trouser £30.00
Pink peep toe sling back £60 << me and my friend Rebbecca were talking about how much wear you are likely to get out of these shoes. The colour <3 

THESE BAD BOYS ARE HONESTLY THE BEST THINGS EVER... and only £14.... all I can think about is Rhianna rude boy when I see these. I need them, I need to be by a pool, I need a drink in my hand and I need some music playing.

Geometric print dress £28

So these are a few bits and bobs that I am currently loving in river island website. I am 100 % buying my rhianna rude boy shorts and wearing them every day 

Jessica ox

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Princess Locks Twitter

So as some of you may know or may not know, for my Final Major Project I have decided to create my own buisness selling Hair Extensions, which will hopefully be up for sale around May time.
To keep updated with whats going on with Princess Locks please follow
Thanks Girlies!!

Jessica ox

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hair Care

I get alot of questions on tumblr about my hair, how I do it, what products I use, bla bla bla.. and I am rude and don't answer them, mainly because I get it alot and on tumblr I enjoy writing stupid comments back. So I thought I would just create a post on here for all of you who are interested. Although I don't really know why because my hair isn't very interesting and I hardly do anything to it.

Anyways, I wear hair extensions, I go to a shop in Luton and literally just buy any make, I know alot of people are like you need Indian or Brazilian hair, its the best quality.. blablabla.. but I don't believe all of that shit, its just a good marketing scheme.. hair is hair.
I currently have two packs of hair in, one is 18 inch and the other is 16 inch. In colours p12/613 
This is my natural lenght of hair
Please ignore the stupid fucking face I'm pulling, I honesty am a bit of a dick. 

This is me with two packs of hair in

Please ignore the stupid poesy face, I am honestly a bit of a dick.

I rarely every blow dry my hair, mainly because I'm lazy, and I am trying sooo hard to try and keep as much heat off it as well. When I was around 14 my hair was falling out due to me straightening my hair so much.. because honestly I am a bit of a dick.

To curl my hair I use, Treseme curling wand
I got it for Christmas, think my mum got it from sainsburys for like £7.50 which is like amazing because its about £36 in Argos ( I Think)
And straighteners I use are GHDS, but i rarely ever use them now, don't know why just like my hair big and curly!

Products I Use :
Tresemme Hairspray Firm Hold
Mark Hill Serum
Tresemme heat  defence spray

So that is basically it, really boring post but thought it will answer most things that people have asked.

Jessica x