Monday, 23 January 2012

Birthday Wishlist

So it is my 21st Birthday on the 5th March and I'm so overly excited, although I don't actually have any official plans as of yet, all I know is it will be me and my girls, vodka, Drake & London.
So as I am so excited I thought I am going to make a little list of stuff that I want for my birthday.
As I have written in a previous post I have decided I'm going to purchase the Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30 bag for myself.

Next on my list is 
Vivienne Westwood Tiny Pave Orb Bracelet 

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

River Island pink rabbit frame clip top purse

Vegas Volt by Mac

Orgasm Blush by Nars

Parisienne YSL perfume

 So yes, I will be very happy with any of them/all of them from friends/family/loving strangers

Jessica ox

Superdrug False Lashes Review

Now I am the kinda girl that if i find a product that I like, I usually stick to it and rarely ever change unless somebody has recommended me something, or that there is a new product by a company that I fancy trying out. I am a huge fan of fake eye lashes, the bigger the better !!
Now with lashes, I have a few faves, Eylure 101 and Ardel 107 now over the last few years these lashes have increased in price in boots much to my annoyance. So last week when I was in superdrug, looking at lashes for my night out I found these from Superdrug and thought, hey ho may as well give them a go.
Superdrug have a varied collection of lashes, some more natural but of course I wanted the biggest, longest and thickest. Double Volume Edition 40, The lashes cost around £4.50, so about £1/1.50 cheaper than Eylure and Ardel lashes . The Lashes came with a glue inside the packaging  
 Now when putting on these lashes I found that they where a little bit too big for my eyes so I cut a tiny piece off each of the lashes sides and even after than they still seemed a little to heavy and sort of made my eyes look smaller than what they are..
As you can tell in this image they sort of made my eyes a little droopy which I don't usually find when I use other makes of false eye lashes, but after I coated with a layer of mascara and curled they seemed to lift my eye up and work just as well and look just as nice as the Eylure lashes I always use.

Overall I will recommend these lashes, their cheaper and look practically the same as some of the Eylure lashes and they stayed on all night, I didn't have to re apply any glue though out the night, I even fell asleep in these bad boys and in the morning I looked as if I was able to start the day again. 

Pros :
Stay's on longer
Feels secure
Can Re-Use

A little uncomfertable when you first put on BUT once you have curled them and played about their perfect
So really... no cons.

Anyone else tried these lashes or thinking of doing it?

Jessica ox

Monday, 16 January 2012

Totally Free Clinique Mascara

As of Saturday, Boots & Clinique have teamed up to give away free mascara's by just handing in your old ones!
 Just take in any old mascara that you have laying around , can be any brand and it can be empty and hand it into the Clinique counter at boots and they will return you with a brand new mini mascara.
There's a choice of two mascara samples: High Lengths (5ml) and High Impact (4ml). They're about half the size of the normal ones (7 and 8ml). 
This great deal is only running until the 1st of February or while stocks last and is saving you around £8 on a brand new Clinique mascara.

I’m going to go get mine tomorrow and shall do a review on it asap :)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Weight Loss.

I have been asked to write a little post about how I loose weight, I get comments on tumblr all the time asking me how I've lost weight and how quick and easy it is. 
April 2010, I decided i HAD to do something and needed to loose weight, It was getting me down so much that if I didn't change I would have ended up 23 stone hating life. Now that may be okay for some people and I love seeing girls who are completely comfortable in their own skin. In school I was kinda sporty, I loved netball and was in the team and did dance GSCE so I was rather active throughout school. It was when I came to university that my lack of knowing how to cook, and having all this amazing money that made me end up just eating shit and going out every other night that made me progressively put on weight, which I think alot of people find when they leave home. So in April I started Cambridge diet, you can google all about that if your interested in getting into that diet. I basically lived on three meals a day, but when I say meals I mean shakes and then filled myself up on black coffee, water and cigarettes. I know I'm going to get messages saying THAT'S SOOOO UNHEALTHY BLABLABLA. 
But.. it works.. 

The first three days are the hardest, it is when your body is going into Ketosis. ( you can also google what that means) but after the first three days, if you have been able to get through that, you can do anything. Trust me its hard.
I was on Cambridge for about 3 months, where I did not cheat at all.. no food passed my lips for three entire months but i never felt hungry and I was full of energy. I think the hardest part is that its not a very social diet. Going out for meals with my friends and id have to sit their with a glass of tap water, and you also cant drink on that diet either so nights out where a no go.  ( nothing worse than being sobre when all your friends are out their nut on booze )

Anyways overall I lost around 3 stone I think, it became summer of 2010 and I was happy with how I looked, I wanted to enjoy the summer be able to go out with my friends have a drink blablabla , so I came off it.

Now what alot of people ask me is, do you put the weight back on when your start eating?
If you go back to eating how you where with no exercises then yes you will, but after going so long with out food, I think your brain trains your way of thought with how much you eat and what you eat.
I think since last summer I have put on about 4 pounds which is really nothing, in comparison to what I lost.

loosing that weight completely changed my life, I have always been really confident and out going, but loosing that initial weight really changed my entire life and I have never looked back. 
Now since the summer of 2010 I have done Cambridge style diets just to like loose quickly. 
Before Christmas I lost eight pounds in about a week which was great for the Christmas period, but I have put it back on because it was Christmas and i was like AH YEAH BUDDY CHRISTMAS FOOD!!

But now its the new year, my last year at university and I want to finish university and start my life properly with how I want too look.

Ive decided to go back on it again but because i am going to the gym i need some kind of food so my day meal plan is like this.
Shake for breakfast around 12/ 1 o'clock... ( I find that if your have it later in the day your able to last longer with out food than rather having it when you first wake up)
Lunch - Around 4/5 o'clock have another shake
and then for  dinner around 7/8 I will eat like poached egg on toast or scrambled egg on toast
Throughout the day I consume around  8 pints of water and around 4 cups of tea with lacto free milk.
( it doesn't have to be lacto free but  I have stopped drinking milk all together because of the milk industry but that's a whole other subject in itself )

I don't use Cambridge anymore because it was so frikking expensive. I now use Asda's like shakes.. their around£4 and their about three days worth of food so its so good, such a cheap way of living as well. You can also do it with slim fast ( they do taste a bit better but are more expensive, so asda suits me just fine)

So that is currently what I'm doing to plan to loose weight, I'm really looking forward to just seeing myself in a months time because I KNOW THIS WORKS . 
I have so many girls like writing to me saying their going to do this diet and honestly, if your heart is in it then it will be the best thing you ever ever ever do.

The first few weeks when you weigh yourself you will see pounds dropping off you but once your body has got use to it, you should expect to loose about 2-4 lbs a week ( which by the way is still amazing BUT alot of people get disheartened then the scales don't go down like they used to... don't let this dishearten you.. keep going )
I'll keep this blog updated with my weight loss but I'm not going to make it the main focus point of this blog.

If you have any more questions about this diet then leave a little comment and ill try get back to you as soon as possible, but I don't want messages telling me how unhealthy this diet it, I'm going to put it all back on.. blablablablabla.. heard it all before and proved everyone wrong so keep your comments to your self if their not positive :) 

Hope this post has helped anyone who has asked me recently about this diet :)

Good luck 


Thursday, 5 January 2012

Now i don't want to sound like a hypocrite because I did make a very clear face book status stating that I HATE when people talk about how the new year is ' going to be their year' ... now don't get me wrong, I like optimistic people that are going to make changes to their lives but I hate seeing the same people every year writing ' MY LIFE IS GOING TO CHANGE'...for example my last years new years resolution was 
' Do the right thing ' which my friend Taya found hilariously pathetic, but I will still argue with her that in every situation I was in I did the right thing.
Anyways this year I have decided I am going to make some achievable resolutions and thought I will share them here.

Loose Weight 
Join a Gym 
To graduate from university in the summer
Join a class - Im thinking yoga/pilates.
Get blogging - I've wanted to do this properly for ages and have never got round to doing it so this year I shall.
Make my money last - stop spending money on crap nights out every week
Start using my camera more , I was bought a great camera about two years ago and I have hardly used it! 
Be Happy, Be Healthy & Sucsesful .

Trinket Box Bags

A New Custom hand-made hand bag company has arrive and I think everybody needs to know about this.
TrinketBoxBags was created at the end of 2011 and has become a hit!!
These bags are hand created by a student at London Collage of Fashion and can be customised to your every need. Big bloggers like Really-Ree and LaurenLoves have already bought their customised bag, so join them!
Whats so great about these bags is that they are so practical, perfect for the gym , great for school and uni and amazing for shopping and there completely unique! 
My personal faves is the bag above with the black boxer dog, the cute sequin collar really stands out against its black background. 
Trinket Box is also expanding and has released a new range of purses.

Available in five different colours, from this gorgeous girlie barbie pink to classy chocolate brown. 
As you can see there is plenty of room for your money, cards, receipts and coins. Really remind me of something you would pay £20/£25 in River Island but Trinket Box Price is only £10!!

 As I said they are PERFECT for the gym and at the moment there is a 10 % off for anyone who buys one of these bags and quotes 'GYM' at the check out. 

Get Following TrinketBoxBags HERE
To have a look at their website click HERE
AND join their Facebook page HERE

Hope you love these bags and purses as much as I do !!
Jessica xx