Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday, 21 September 2012

Paris Last Year..

 I was just looking through my laptop and came across all of my Paris photos from last year. We had to do a project on a city so me and my friend Emma ( ) decided to jet off to Paris for a long weekend!! I thought they would we a waste just sitting there on my hard drive with no one looking at them so I have uploaded them :)


Thursday, 20 September 2012

All time beauty basic faves

 Hello!! Hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday, or what ever day you are reading this:) Thought I would just do a quick post on my all time fave beauty basics. These are the things that I will constantly go out and re stock. 

 Firstly with skin, I ALWAYS have baby wipes to remove my initial layer of Make-up . I have tried all different brands of make-up wipes and they either leave my skin, dry or I come up in spots. So now all I use to make off the make-up is baby wipes.. Usually Simple ones because I feel their more moisturised then alot of other brands baby wipes. With cleanser I use The Body Shops Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser and Toner I use Olay Essentials Refreshing Toner. I have also started using Wilkinson's Soft, Smooth & Reduce oil which is practically the same thing as Bio Oli but at a fraction of the price! I put this on at night before I go to sleep and my face feels as smooth as a baby's bum.
 One hair product that I swear by is L'oreal Paris Studio Silk & Gloss I have defiantly seen an improvement in my hair as I use GHDS and curling tongs almost every day! Plus its under like six pounds so definitely worth it. Next my favourite hairspray is Tresemm√© volume and lift . It's strong and no curls will be dropping from my hair once I have sprayed this on. Finally with hair good old Batiste big & bouncy XXL volume dry shampoo, Batiste is every girls best friend, although it is meant to be for when your hairs a little greasy I use it solely to create some volume in my hair as well as lighten it up + it smells great. Just bought the new XXL volume one (as I usually buy that tropical one that smells of Malibu ) and love it, does exactly what it says on the packet and definitely gives me a more bouncy feel to my roots
I thought I'd add my perfumes into this post as well. Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Womanity  by Thierry Mugler and last buy defiantly not least Midnight by Britney Spears .. I know alot of people are going to read this and be like "OH MY GOD EWWW BRITNEY HOW CHEAP " but I love it and always have done, reminds me of when I was like sixteen, plus because its cheaper its good for every day just going out shopping or whatever.

Tanning!!! Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE TAN. The darker the better and here are some of my favourite tanning products, firstly the amazing St Moriz, every blogger under the sun has tried this and written reviews so I don't need to tell you how good it is, especially for the price! I have tried many a tanning product and this has to be leading!! I usually buy it in Dark but picked up the medium bottle :\ (very annoying). Next are two tinted moisturisers that I use to keep my fake tan topped up.  L'Oreal Nutrisummer and Garnier Summer Body two of the best tinted moisturisers I have used.. I don't know if anyone else found with that Johnston's summer body it kinda peeled off into little bits when applying ANYWAYS off the subject, yes either of these two are great to get a little glow!!

I hope you enjoyed reading my all time beauty basics faves, anyone else love these products or didn't get on well with them?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mini Haul


eeny meeny blog post about a few things I have picked up this week!

The mini benefit stuff
Some kind-a gorgeous
Badgal Lash
Were given to me as a late birthday present from my friend Rhea, I know what I'm like with foundation so if i used the mini pot of some kinda gorgeous it would be finished with within about 2 uses so just using it as a thicker concealer for any blemishes and around areas like my nose and chin, where i find my foundation comes off quickest. BadGal Lash is a great mascara, I think its mainly because of the thickness of the brush, I haven't really got round to using it properly but I've had it before and I'll have it again and finally Hoola never ever tried a benefit blusher/bronzer before but this came in my little box of treats and so far I like, Again I haven't used it properly because I haven't had the chance to have a full face of make-up but from what I have seen, so far so good, a matte bronzer which I prefer because you can use it to contour and I really don't like shimmery bronzers, especially if not done correctly.

Next on my list is my Maybelline dream fresh BB..I am really don't know weather I like this product of not.. There has been such a big hype about new BB products so I thought I would give it a try, I think I need to explore with a more expensive make before I can make my mind up on BB as a whole. I did really like it when it was a littler warmer last week but now its got colder I feel like my skin needs more coverage, plus its so god damn watery! Every time I open the lid there is so much wastage from it leaking, so chances are this product is going into my 'Never use this again' bag.

Next I bought the John Frieda Go Blonder lightening spray. I have been dying my hair blonde since I was around thirteen and of course it has taken its toll on my hair. I am LONGING to get my hair nice, long and healthy but I know that putting on dyes every other month is not helping me in the slightest! The sun has gone and my hear is looking a little miserable and dull and the devil on my shoulder is telling me to get to the hair dressers asap and get that bleach on me now and then the angel is saying no, protect your hair and leave it for a bit... But I can't be walking around like a dull haired diva so instead I have invested in John Frieda Go Blonder lightening spray just to see if it will brighten my hair and cause less damage. The bottle claims to lighten my hair within ten washes so I'm going to do a post and a proper review once used properly!!

and finally I bought Primed & Ready by collection 2000.. I think this is their first line of prep products so I thought I'd give it a go at £3.98 no ones complaining and also a lip liner from No 17 in Rose Blush, bought this entirely to try and do the make your pout look bigger trick! 

Got these cute gold cross earrings from River Island in their Under £5 collection, was just browsing and have £1.50 change in my pocket so picked them up! Really cute for just every day !!

Hope you enjoyed my mini haul which then ended up to be a bit of a review as well haha!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Freshers Fever..

So I'm sitting here feeling pretty old, because this time three years ago I was going off down to Southampton on my own to start my three years of university. So i'm sitting here reminiscing about all the fun that I had during my time there but also how daunting it was to leave my home, leave all my friends and everything I knew behind and start a new life. If I'm honest the first few months of University I hated, I have a really close knit group of friends at home so I missed them like crazy, I missed my family and I was a little scared about my course, Its very different from being in school, the work load may not seen as much at A-levels but the standard of work was, everything had to be perfect, so waking up at 8 am to then used a shared shower, look half decent then run my way to my lectures at 9 am with a hangover... it got to me. Anyway I have come up with a Freshers list of things that  I think will help you get through you first few months of university, So I hope it helps and you may see one or two things that you might find handy!!

1. A heavy duty bag, now i'm not saying take a huge back pack or a briefcase to your first day of uni but honestly you need a good sturdy bag, the amount of times I took just a hand bag with a few pens in was ridiculous, you need to carry book and other shit that the uni hand out to you on a day to day basis. Nothing from Primark either, may look alright and will hold you down but trust me.. it wont. I've chosen this Plaited Shopper with Studs from Zara £129. May seem like alot of money but it will last you and its bang on trend right now, so maybe as soon as your loan gets in have a look for something a bit more expensive that will last you!

2. Good Pair of Walking Boots - Okay I totally sounded like my mum when I wrote that anyway Summer has been and it has gone and unless you end up falling asleep outside your uni after a drunken night out, chances are you will be either walking or commuting on a bus/train your way there. The weather may be al rightish right now but as soon as it hits middle of October we all know its going down hill and there is nothing worse than walking up, looking outside your window, seeing its pissing down/snowing/minus 0 and you have to WALK to uni. Now my little trek from halls to Uni was about 20-30 minutes and if your in a rush and don't decide on the correct footwear for your journey, your royally fucked and probs pretty cold! So id recommend some black leather ankle boots, of course their on trend, especially these with the little golden studs  and they can go with every outfit. 
These are APOCOLYPSE Studded heavy boots from Topshop £85

3. Socialising Stuff.

If you haven't already then get yourself some speakers. Its actually so scary when you first move in and your mum and dad wave you goodbye. I think I sat on my floor , surrounded by gifts from my aunty ( she spoilt me with stuff) and cried (quietly, behind a closed door)  but what I would suggest you do, is get a door stop ( defo defo defo buy a door stop ) prop your door open and play some music, therefore people can then come into your room and say hello instead of having that awkward knock

4. A Watch

Yes, I was the girl who rocked up to my first lecture late and alone and hungover ( I was hungover most of my first year) and it was embarrassing, plus i didn't get my first choice of people i thought who could be potential friends to sit next too.. it all got a bit awkward.. so yes, I would suggest get a watch, I think most people reading this will be like well duh I have my Kors/ Jacobs watch you silly bitch. But for those of you who don't, do. 

5. Photos of family and friends ( yes that is me) 
Being miles away from home is scary, especially if you went straight from school and have just turned eighteen, you feel like such a kid still but take a load of pictures of your friends and family and should maybe make things a little better 
6. An Electric blanket, Dressing gown, Slipper socks, Heater
 I can't even begin to tell you the sleepless, freezing, shaking nights I had. At university weather you be in a shared house or in halls , chances are the heating is going to be shit. At halls in the winter it was awful, especially if it broke and when i moved into my house it got even worse. So the things listed really should be number one of important things to take with you cause other wise it will be a long cold winter for you.
7. The hangover cures.
 This little fella comes from Lush and basically you put him at the bottom of your shower and it releases all these smells that then clears your head and should make you feel better, I have used once or twice and I do recommend. As well as this always have unlimited paracetamol and Iron Bru ( for all those who have never had an Iron Bru the morning after.. i suggest you do.. works wonders)

 8. Camera 

Never ever miss a thing, take your camera everywhere with you. Im writing this and thinking what the hell jess you writing on a blog which other bloggers are going to read of course their going to have a camera... anyway yeah take a camera with you, even not on nights out, if your doing an arty subject you may just find stuff that inspires you. Lectures love the primary shit, so get on top of your game and take some pics!
I asked my friend Taya what she would have liked to have bought with her to freshers week and she said pride and dignity so always keep that in tact ( Naming and shaming Taya haha) 
For alot of you it will be your first time away from home, your excited and you have every right too be, but always make sure your safe, that someone knows where you are ( don't be a night out wanderer)  and don't feel obliged to do anything that your not comfortable doing.
Main thing is have an amazing time and even if your feeling homesick or whatever always remember you can get a train home at weekends

Enjoy it :D 

from a very jealous, 
Taking a trip down memory lane...

(epitome of white girl wasted)

Sorry for the fucking awful pictures.