Friday, 16 March 2012

Alex Box Demonstration

I am currently in my third year at Southampton Solent on course of hair and makeup design, Although I don't want to go into makeup design after I have finished university, the course has really helped me excel in expressing my ideas visually, and this final year has been really good because i have been able to do exactly what interests me in the fashion industry and I shall hopefully have an amazing portfolio and final major project to help me get to where I want to be after university, although I'm not too sure on what direction that will be...anyways, today at university we had a demonstration by the amazing Alex Box who is a  Makeup Artist and is one of the founders for the British makeup brand Illamasqua. Alex Box late last year was awarded a honorary degree doctor of design at Solent for pushing the boundaries with her visionary style.  If you havent heard of Illamasqua I would really suggest giving their website a check out because their makeup products are fantastic. CLICK HERE FOR ILLAMASQUA WEBSITE

Back to the point Alex Box did a demonstration today in one of Solents lecture theatres creating a free styled look on a model. There are really no words for what it was like, she had over 100 girls sitting at her in awe of her while she applied the makeup to her model for just over an hour compltely free hand. 
Alex played a selection of music throughout the demonstration and it was really interesting to see how the look developed while the music genre changed, Alex later on told us that she is always listening to music while doing makeup and the look was changing in the mood of the music. 
So, here are a few of the photographs i got today from the demonstration, ill try to put them in order so you are able to see the development of the look throughout 

The photographs dont really show how amazing this work was, like everything about the skin was so perfect, it looked air brushed, all the colours where blended so perfectly and created an almost alien like face that was so beautiful!!

 Along side with these images, heres a few Illamasqua products on my wish list !!

 Hope you enjoyed this post, get on the illamasqua website and treat yourself to at least one thing!!!

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