Monday, 12 December 2011

The 2012 Wish List

Im getting really excited to start the new year, and I have decided this is the year of the ' Big Purchase's' . My 21st Birthday is right around the corner and my parents have been bugging me about presents. Now usually I would ask for money but Ive thought about it and if I get money, its going to go on rubbish things like my rent ( not really a birthday present is it ) mindless nights out or crappy bits and bobs from Topshop & River Island... So I have kindly asked my mum for the Micheal Kors 5314 Rose Gold Watch...

I have wanted this watch for around two years and I think its about time it gets on my wrist. My mum did mention to me about buying me a Mulberry Bag, and as much as I would dance around my living room after i opended it, I dont think I would be able accept a £900 bag from my mum and dad, its just too much, even for a 21st birthday present. So I have decided for my 21st Birthday present to myself I am going to buy myself a bag, I have decided to get a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in the Damier style..

Some of the smaller things i plan to buy in the first half of the year are Marc Jacobs Heart Pave Crystal Ring
and a Kim Kardashian Inspired Tan Jacket from


  1. 100% go for the Speedy, It's an amazing bag!
    I have a picture of it on my about page !
    thanks for the follow

  2. aww wicked, i do really love them there so classic! eek so excited to buyy x