Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hair Care

I get alot of questions on tumblr about my hair, how I do it, what products I use, bla bla bla.. and I am rude and don't answer them, mainly because I get it alot and on tumblr I enjoy writing stupid comments back. So I thought I would just create a post on here for all of you who are interested. Although I don't really know why because my hair isn't very interesting and I hardly do anything to it.

Anyways, I wear hair extensions, I go to a shop in Luton and literally just buy any make, I know alot of people are like you need Indian or Brazilian hair, its the best quality.. blablabla.. but I don't believe all of that shit, its just a good marketing scheme.. hair is hair.
I currently have two packs of hair in, one is 18 inch and the other is 16 inch. In colours p12/613 
This is my natural lenght of hair
Please ignore the stupid fucking face I'm pulling, I honesty am a bit of a dick. 

This is me with two packs of hair in

Please ignore the stupid poesy face, I am honestly a bit of a dick.

I rarely every blow dry my hair, mainly because I'm lazy, and I am trying sooo hard to try and keep as much heat off it as well. When I was around 14 my hair was falling out due to me straightening my hair so much.. because honestly I am a bit of a dick.

To curl my hair I use, Treseme curling wand
I got it for Christmas, think my mum got it from sainsburys for like £7.50 which is like amazing because its about £36 in Argos ( I Think)
And straighteners I use are GHDS, but i rarely ever use them now, don't know why just like my hair big and curly!

Products I Use :
Tresemme Hairspray Firm Hold
Mark Hill Serum
Tresemme heat  defence spray

So that is basically it, really boring post but thought it will answer most things that people have asked.

Jessica x

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  1. Love, love the Length of your extensions :D