Monday, 30 July 2012

Ibiza Haul - Part 1


Going away to Ibiza on FRIDAY! literally so excited, its getting to the part where I'm to excited to sleep!! One I need a holiday and Two I get to go away with all my friends from Uni. My parents bought me a ticket to go about 2 weeks ago as a graduation present ( BEST PRESENT EVER)  so I have alot of bits and bobs to buy, even if I am only going there for 5 days. Anyways here are some bits I got while shopping in St Albans at the weekend.

Leopard T-Shirt -H&M
Black Denim Shorts - H&M
All Three Bikinis - Tu @ Salisbury's
Models Own HedKandi Ibiza Mix Nail Varnish - Boots
Loose Powder - Boots

I will actually do a post about the models own nail varnish, hopefully on Thursday once I have done them ready for Ibiza on Friday! Its a very special nail varnish!!!

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  1. I love these swimsuits!!!have fun in Ibiza dear (: