Thursday, 13 September 2012

And I admit I fell in love with Kim...

I've always enjoyed the watching The Kardashians but Kim really was my least favourite Dash sister, but for some reason I am IN LOVE with her now she is with Kanye. Like I'm getting a little obsessed with the new celebrity IT couple.
 I know alot of people think Kanye is an arsehole and he is but I think that is the main reason I love him. Kanye recently emptied Kim's wardrobe, like the amount of Louboutins that got given away was actually heartbreaking for me and most likely every female watching that episode, but he is known for his sense in style " Talking about clothes I'll mother fucking embarrass you",  so therefore his girl needs to be looking correctly. I absolutely am in love with their co-ordination ( not matching) outfits that they have been seen in and the neutral pallet. I'm not 100 percent certain on their relationship because I feel like both of them love themselves a little too much to care about anybody else BUT who am I too judge, and when they do eventually break up there will be one fucking good album out of it. I'm currently in bed with a cup of tea listening to Kanye's new album Cruel Summer and I'm going to blog some of my fave looks of the Kanye and his perfect bitch. 


ANYWAYS, they always look like there laughing in their photos.. or it looks like he's just told her off.

either way, IN LOVE with her current look

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  1. yay, i love kim kardashian's look too, and her and kayne are a gorgeous couple! she looks soooo good in the new series, i'm well jel of her style, loving your blog by the way hun :) now following you! xxx