Thursday, 6 September 2012

What I've Been Doing.. ( In Photos) Ibiza, Carnival, Nights Out..etcc

 I am officially the words worst blogger, known to man woman and child!! Any way's here are a few photos that I have collected over the last month. I've been back from Ibiza nearly a month and that's how long I haven't blogged for, im fecking useless!! but anyways Ibiza was amazing, saw so many artists and had a really good laugh with the girlys, was so nice to be back with everyone from Uni for a few days and pretend we were in southampton again ( but in the sunshine) literally cant wait till grad ball to be reunited with them all again. The weekend was filled with Goose and house music. #perfect.
Also went to my first Notting Hill Carnival. How the feck have I not been before?, literally right up my street.
Anyways I hope you enjoy and I promise to start blogging more oftern and not be so shit

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