Saturday, 27 October 2012

Black & Gold..

So, As posted before you have seen my new winter high heeled boots.. I thought YEAHHH!!,  I'll be able to wear them every day .. ha ha very wrong.. one trip to my boyfriends and my feet were cut :( So im going to leave them for car to bar situations. So I was in desperate need of some black FLAT boots, I looked around Topshop, River Island, Zara etc.. and didn't find anything that I liked. 
Now I literally haven't stepped into a Primark in forever, and if im honest im not a big fan at all but I found these and they were literally exactly what I was looking for and for £15 it would have been stupid not to pick them up!! I know they are not going to last forever, I doubt they will even last me the entire winter but they were great for a fast fix to a few outfits!!


  1. Those boots are AMAZING!! New follower x

  2. I really love these!! the heel height is perfect - I don't understand utilitarian boots but with high heels, do they really think I'll wear high heels in snow and rain haha love your signature so cute :)

    following you from #bbloggers and would love if you could follow back
    Miranda M.

  3. These boots are gorgeous!

  4. those are amazing! love your style xx