Saturday, 6 October 2012

Havanna & Funky Buddah Outfit Posts

 Saturday 29th's Outfit @ Havanna
Polo neck crop top - Boohoo
Leopard Pencil Skirt- River Island
Heels- Ebay
Watch- Michael Kors
Thursday 4th October Outfit @ Funky Buddah
Cream Peplum skirt - BooHoo
Crop top - Topshop
Necklace - Newlook
Heels - Ebay


  1. you look lovely mrs!
    your hair is gorgeous too.
    i've just started following your blog after having a quick scroll through because i love it andddd i'm vegetarian too!:)
    hope you'll pop over and say hi, it'd be lovely to chat sometime.
    hope to hear from you soon,
    laura xx

    1. aww thank you!! so glad you like it :D
      yes im just about to check you blog out right now!!
      thankyouuuu sweetie xx

  2. You are beautiful!!! And both of those skirts are amazing and suit you so much! Lovely pictures! xxx

    1. Aww thankyou honey!!
      I just loveeeee pencil/midi skirts and dresses! just bought a new midi dress!

      Thanks babes xx