Saturday, 24 November 2012


I literally have not blogged for ages! I am literally the shittiest thing ever. Anyway, I have had quite a busy week this week because I HAVE GRADUATED!! I don't know exactly why solent need to leave everything till last minute seeing as it seems that every other university in the country graduated about 6 months ago.
My graduation was on Monday and I went down with my mum and dad, as you all probably know i actually hate writing on here most of the time, so you can get the picture from my pictures..
And then on thursday, I had to go down to southampton again to party one last time for our graduation ball!!!
I literally was having a nightmare finding a dress, and if you know me you will know im last minute for everything I do in life ( but I always get it done)
But finally the day before the Ball i decided on this dress from River Island.
ANYWAYS more pics..
I had the most amazing three years at university and met some great friends that i really hope we will all stay in contact with over the years to come. I don't think I really appreciated being at university when I did, like living in my own house, the laid back life style ( not enjoying these 7am wake ups for work) but now when I look back i realise how lucky I was and how blessed I was to have them three years of growing up and changing. As much as I loved university, im glad i have loads of photos and memories to keep with me but I am really looking forward to a new stage in my life.

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  1. Congratulations. :)

    I must admit, there were things I missed from university and even the odd thing that I miss now, but nothing that I miss enough to want to go back there. Evil lecturers, deadlines changed at the last minute, all-nighters, that "I've swallowed live snakes" feeling that you get even though you know you couldn't possibly have done anything else in preparation... yeah, this is all stuff that I'm pleased to have left behind me.

    Don't get me wrong, I had concerns about the graduate jobs market when I graduated, my knees were genuinely knocking together at the thought of entering the real world, but it was still something I wanted. And as it turned out, it wasn't the real world I was scared of at all, just the unknown.

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