Thursday, 5 January 2012

Now i don't want to sound like a hypocrite because I did make a very clear face book status stating that I HATE when people talk about how the new year is ' going to be their year' ... now don't get me wrong, I like optimistic people that are going to make changes to their lives but I hate seeing the same people every year writing ' MY LIFE IS GOING TO CHANGE'...for example my last years new years resolution was 
' Do the right thing ' which my friend Taya found hilariously pathetic, but I will still argue with her that in every situation I was in I did the right thing.
Anyways this year I have decided I am going to make some achievable resolutions and thought I will share them here.

Loose Weight 
Join a Gym 
To graduate from university in the summer
Join a class - Im thinking yoga/pilates.
Get blogging - I've wanted to do this properly for ages and have never got round to doing it so this year I shall.
Make my money last - stop spending money on crap nights out every week
Start using my camera more , I was bought a great camera about two years ago and I have hardly used it! 
Be Happy, Be Healthy & Sucsesful .


  1. you lost a lot of weight before can you do a quick recap of what you did and how much you lost... sorry to sound so stalkerishly creepy but i remember from t*mblr

  2. yeah sure, i have loads of uni work to be in this week but ill do a recap some time in the next two weeks :)