Friday, 16 March 2012

21st Birthday

Okay, so Ive really really been slacking on the whole blogging business for a little while and I haven't even blogged about my birthday that I have just celebrated .. it was my 21st woop woop go me, can't believe I have lasted this long. Anyways for my main celebrations for my birthday I went to China White with some of my best bitches.. minus rhea because she is currently in Spain, but she was there in spirit !!

Oh and you know i was having so much fricking difficulty finding a dress for my birthday, i found one!! I was in Topshop in st albans ( where I'm from ) with my mum and I was getting more and more pissed off because it was getting late and the shops were closing and i needed a dress for the next day, anyways, searching around topshop, now i don't mind the odd piece from there but alot of the time i do think it is just overpriced shit so i didn't really think i was going to find anything in there then i found THIS BEAUTY
You know when you fall in love with something, you just gotta have it!! I was just walking around the shop hugging it, Anyways, its not from Topshop its like one of their concessions and it is from inLovewithfashion, you can visit there site here . I think it was around £50 but i am so so so in love with it !!
I was literally so lucky it was the only one and was in my sizeeeeee.... match made in heaven!! anyways i have been looking on their site and they have some really lovely stuff so go check that out by clicking on the image below girlie's!
Inlovewithfashion Spring Collection

Anyways, erm I'm just going to upload some pictures of what we ended getting up too in London.

The classiest of bitches... as always.
Finishing off with ' Cups of the rose'

The next day I went for a lovely meal with my mum, sister, nan and two aunties and got some really lovely presents from them, My aunt Julie got me this beautiful skirt from Riverisland, I shall take a photograph of me in it as soon as it is hot enough weather, i cannot wait to pair it up with some wedges and a basic white t

She was also a complete babe and had looked on my blog and seen the pink rabbit purse that i had mentioned before and got me that !!
From my mum and dad i got my rose gold Micheal Kors watch which i am completely and utterly in love with, ill post a picture of it a bit later but Ive gone on about it so much on my blog i think you all know which one I'm talking about ;)

My sister got me a gorgeous silver bracelet from a little boutique in Brighton and from alot of my other members of family I got money :) which is always great.

Theeeeeeeeeeeeeen on Tuesday.. it was only one thing... TUESDAYBOOZEDAY with my soton bitchezz!! It was so lovely because Taya decorated the living room with birthday girl banners and balloons while all my girlie's dressed up and we got drunk on crunk!! I also got a hugggge bottle of perfume from my two bestiess sock and megstar

Okay, so theres not alot of photographs from this night as it ended kinda early as we were all kinda written off by about one!!
Thank you to everyone who made my 21st Birthday weekend special!!

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