Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Monai Qani Earrings

Hey guyyyys
I know i haven't blogged in nearly a century but i have been so busy working on my final major project for uni but i have been up to loads of exciting bits and bobs working on my new hair extension company Princess Locks which I will be sharing with you veeery soon!!
Anyways Ive got a post about a new jewelry brand, i was lucky enough to be send a gorgeous pair of earring by the lovely Mona owner of Mona Iqani Jewelry.
I got sent these looovely Queen of hearts earrings which you may have seen either on my twitter or tumblr

 Now i don't really ever wear earrings, i actually didn't get my ears done until first year at uni, everyone used to be like errrrrrrrrrrrm why don't you have them done.. but i just never ever got them done until my friend Sophie thought it would be okay to pierce them in her bedroom in halls, i screamed like a little bitch, her house mates thought she was abusing me, anyways.. off the point.. I rarely ever ever wear earrings but if i do i like them to be statement, I usually like to dress quite simple and enjoy having more statement makeup and jewelry so these are perfect cause they are veryyyy statement!
Another piece i love from her collection are these gorgeous earrings ' Diamond Back'
 I think there stunning!!
So yes, if you love statement jewelry i would really suggest to get looking on Monas website , she really does have some loooovely pieces

Check her our on tumblr 
Twitter :
and of course her website 

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